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No need to wait two or three days to see an update being applied to your project. With RacontR you have an immediate feedback on what you create. You can change anything and get the result a second later, without delay. Embed your content any where in just a couple clicks. Download a version of your project to get an offline version that you can use for your presentations.


Live content preview

At anytime during the creation of your interactive content, you have the option to check your design, your animation and your experience.

SEO Simple & Tracking set ups

Racontr is SEO ready and thus can dramatically improve your visibility by the search engines.

One click publishing

Once you’re finished with your report, your interactive video or your presentation, just hit one button to publish it on the web. OR just download a local copy for offline presentation.

Your content wherever you want it published

With a simple line of code that you can send via email, or embed on your website, publish and share your communication wherever you want.

Adaptive display

Our predefined scene canvas adapts your project to any resolution and devices. You can now create interactive projects for computers, smartphones, tablets.

Instant Updates

A number can be off in your report. A name can be misspelled. A position can change. No problem, just edit your content and in a click, update it instantaneously.


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