add and manage text blocks

Add and manage text blocks

Racontr provides a text block editor similar as the one you can fin in editing software such as Word. It offers many possibilities, here is a tutorial to master it.

Here are the different options proposed by Racontr that we will approach:

First step: Insert a text block in a page

  1. To insert a text block, click on the “+” icon in the left menu of the page editor. A list of available media appears, click on “Add text block”.
  2. Select the text block you wish to use and click on “Apply” to insert it on your page.

Text block properties

  1. HTML / Add your HTML code
  1. Add your own stylesheets, fonts and size.
  1. Bold, italic, text color, background color, underline, cross out, remove formatting.
  1. Go back, restore, image, table, iframe
  1. Cut, copy, past, past as plain text, past from word
  1. Hyperlink, align left, align center, align right, align full


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