add a comment thread with Disqus

Add a comment thread with Disqus

You can add a plugin for discussion in your project RacontR.

Want to engage your readers in your superb project? You can always add a comment thread and allow everyone to comment and share about your creation.

Here are the different options proposed by Racontr that we will approach:

Configuring your Disqus account

First, you will have to create an account on

  1. Once done, you have to choose 3 themes
  2. and click “continue”.

You’re going to now create a “site” and set it (it will be your comment thread).

  1. Create a site, then click “Manage.”
  1. In this window, you simply select “edit settings”.
  1. Choose a name for your site and copy the shortname displayed above, it will serve to integrate Disqus in RacontR. Then save it.
  1. By clicking on the “community” tab, you can manage and monitor all comments post on your thread, but also analyze the engagment.

Add and configure a comment thread in your project

It is now time to integrate into RacontR your Disqus.

  1. In the list of items, click on Disqus.
  2. Your comments thread opens!
  1. Click “element parameters” and then copy the shortname that you previously created in Disqus.
  2. If you have to change the shortname, remember to refresh the RacontR page in the editor for the changes are visible..

There you go ! Your thread is in place, you just have to make it alive!


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