actions on scene

Actions on scene

Scroll-to, fullscreen, button for timeline…

With this method, learn how to quickly create anchor points in your projects, play your timeline, create a button for fullscreen.

Here are the different options proposed by Racontr that we will approach:

First step: using scroll-to functions

  1. At first, set the size of your scene. Here we will see a format that pulls vertically, which will be also working with scroll.

Once uploaded my narrative elements in the media library, we import on the scene.

  1. Here, the example will be set up with two text block : hotlink, and hotlink2.
  2. Add an action “click/tap” on the first anchor (here, hotlink1)

Tips: This method works with all types of content: images, videos, layers action buttons.

Now position our text blocks on the scene in the desired report, here hotlink1 will go down in my project to hotlink2.

Add a clic/tap action on hotlink1: the goal is to allow at the click of hotlink1, who is our navigation, to go automatically to the end of his chapter (to hotlink2).

Apply the action on the scene with parameters “scroll vertical”. Choose “hotlink2″as value, validate.

Et voila ! You just created a vertical scroll on the scene on the clic of hotlink1 to hotlink2!

Parameters and values of the scene in the action tool

  • In the parameters tab, by choosing the vertical scroll, the scene will shift from top to bottom or from bottom to top.
  • By choosing the horizontal scroll, the scene will shift from left to right or right to left.
  • Finally, the dual-axis scroll, you will achieve vertical displacements.

In the “Value” tab, you will find all your layers, allowing to scroll to one selected. You can also choose “min” or “max“, which will cause you to the beginning of the scene, or at the end.

Create a fullscreen button

To create a fullscreen button:

  1. Add an action “click/tap” on an element
  2. Apply on “scene” then choose “fullscreen” in settings.

Create a button for your timeline

To create a button for play with the timeline:

  1. Add an action “click/tap” on an element
  2. Apply on “scene” then choose a timeline setting: play the timeline, pause the timeline, play/pause, seek-to..


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