create typographic stylesheets

Create a typographic stylesheet

Typographic stylesheets enable you to template font stylings.

You can create a stylesheet for your titles, subtitles, body texts and so on. These are not mandatory but they can prove useful to gain time on text blocks editing and to preserve typographic coherence throughout your project.

Here are the different options proposed by Racontr that we will approach:

Create a typographic stylesheet

To create a typographic stylesheet, go to the “Project” section.

  1. Then click on the “Fonts” tab.
  2. Start by choosing which style you want to preset: title, subtitle, body.
  3. Choose a font . If your font is not installed, you can upload a new one (cf: Import a font tutorial).
  4. Choose a font size and modify any setting you wish.
  5. You can preview your style in the above window.

Add a stylesheet

You?ll find your stylesheets in any text blocks when editing your project.

  1. When you open a text block, you’ll see a “Style” dropdown menu.
  2. You can select your desired stylesheet.


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