Setting up your project

Setting up your project

This is where it all starts.

Click on the “Project” tab on the top right to lay the foundation for your project!

Here are the different options proposed by Racontr that we will approach:

First step: Project tab

In “Project”, you’ll find 7 main tabs, start with the one labelled “Project description”.

  1. Project Title: Give a name to your story
  2. Tags: A few individual words to describe your project and improve its SEO.
  3. Project description: Use your writing talent to describe your project to other users and, again, to improve its SEO.

Scene settings

On the “Scene size” tab you can give specific size to your project.

  1. Project size: Choose wisely your project’s size in pixels. You can use some presets we’ve picked and, of course, you’ll be able to change it anytime. You can choose size for all devices!
  2. Adapt scene: Do you want your project’s size to be fix or to adapt depending on users screen definition.
  3. Custom view and recommanded formats: You can use one of our default format or create your own custom view.

Aspect of the project

On the “Aspect of the project” tab, you can change color, background for your project.

  1. Page and scene background: Whether an image or a plain color, you can set a background for your scene and for the background behind your scene.
  2. Scrollbars : Some browsers have ugly scrollbars so you can pick custom colors, width and opacity for yours.

Fonts & Stylesheets

On the “Fonts” and “Stylesheets” tabs, you can change aspect of your text.

  1. Fonts: Activate some fonts or upload your own custom fonts.
  2. Stylesheets: Typographic stylesheets enable you to template font stylings. You can create a stylesheet for your titles, subtitles, body texts and so on.

Social, Integration and Tracking

On the “Social” and “Integration and tracking” tabs, you can share your project everywhere on the web!

  1. Social: Add a title, a description and a picture for share your project.
  2. Iframe and Google Analytics: Add your own Google Analytics code, enable Google Frame for Internet Explorer 8
  3. Google Chrome Frame is a Internet Explorer plug-in to provide extra capabilities to the browser. It’s particularly useful to make sure your project is fully compatible with dinosaurs such as Internet Explorer 8.
  4. Iframe: integrate your project everywhere with your own iframe!


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