The media library

The media library

Once your images, videos and sounds optimized, you can upload them in the “Media” section.

Here are the different options proposed by Racontr that we will approach:

First step: Browse your media library

  1. To browse your library, click on the “media” tab
  2. Then, you can click on the corresponding subsection (Graphics, Images, Videos, Sounds)

For instance, by clicking on “Images” you can see the file opening and you can now access all your media.

Do the same to browse other types of files.

Add images, videos, sounds

  1. To upload your own media, go to the “Media” section through to top-level menu. The media section is divided in 3 tabs.
  2. To upload a new media, click on the desired tab to select it and click on “Open” or in the grey space . To select multiple media, keep the Shift key pressed when selecting additional files.
  3. Choose your media and click “open”

Once the blue loading bar has finished loading, your media is online!

Tips: You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion!

Delete or edit a media

  1. You can edit your media name simply by clicking on the pen.
  2. Change your media: the media will be replaced everywhere on your project!
  3. You can delete your media by simply clicking on the cross


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