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Like all tools, it takes a learning curve to be the most effective, we put at your disposal a documentation, tutorials and a media library which are regularly updated to help you and make you become professionals of interactivity!

To get started, you can also visit our small user guide: that will help you step by step to start your first project.

With RacontR, you will be able to carry out and create many kinds of interactive formats very simply: computer graphics, web documentaries, long-forms, showcase sites, web banners and much more.


All features explained!

How to create a project, use the timeline
or add some action on a image.

You’ll find everythings you need here.


Watch, learn, do

We have tutorials and case studies for all levels:
navigation layouts, interactions, plugins…

There is always something to learn!


Free ressources

Our selection of free medias for your projects.
If you’re a content creator,  you can contact us to make your work available to the community.

First time on Racontr? Watch me!

If you wish, you can also download our little user’s guide that will help you to start your first project very peacefully!

->Download now! Right click then “save as”


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