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Here is a list of questions often asked about our product. If you have specific needs or other questions about our services, feel free to contact us through our form and one of our teammates will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is RacontR ?

RacontR is a web builder on steroids, designed by designers for designers. The only all-in-one production software.

Get rid of the usual technical limitations and keep your focus on creativity, not feasibility.

RacontR helps you deliver better digital productions, faster.

Much faster.

Who is RacontR for?

RacontR is for web design pioneers. Designers and design teams who will not have their creativity undermined by the usual technical constraints and slowdowns.

RacontR helps in-house design teams deliver much faster, enhance brand image and break new grounds in content production. In all kinds of formats. For any end devices.

What if I am not a designer or do not have an in-house design team?

We’ve got you covered. Throughout the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best professionals in interactive design and digital storytelling.

We can build the right team to suit your needs, from one-shot productions to day-to-day collaboration.

Our experienced artistic directors and project managers will help you bring to life your digital vision in no time.

Please fill out the contact form on the right, so we can talk about your specific needs.

What if I already work with an agency?

Perfect. We know how valuable a good agency is.

We love working with agencies. We will be happy to collaborate with them and come up with the best publishing experience for you.

We can also provide them with an in-depth training on our software so that they can use your RacontR licence on your behalf. You can then control and manage any stage of the creation process.

What can I build with RacontR?

RacontR is highly flexible and will adapt to your target audience.

Wherever your target audience is, whichever platform or device they use, from websites (using CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, etc) to apps downloadable from the App Store, with RacontR you will produce any web content on any format and make it accessible from anywhere.

Thanks to its HTML5 framework, RacontR can publish as :

  • Desktop Apps
  • Web formats
  • Cordova-ready code
  • Inline code for CMS

How does RacontR blend into my existing digital ecosystem?

You already have an online environment you are mostly satisfied with, but you feel you could enhance its performance and engagement rates by adding more interactivity? RacontR is just the right tool for you.

After setting up RacontR and exporting inline-ready code for your existing environment, you will be able to publish your RacontR projects anywhere you want within your online ecosystem.

How long does it take to master RacontR?

Mastering RacontR comes fast enough for anyone with some knowledge of graphic design tools.

If you are familiar with words or expressions such as layers, timeline, drag & drop or shortcuts for instance, then you should find your way through RacontR in no time.

But really, anyone can use RacontR. One of our client once declared : “With RacontR, the only limit is good taste”.

Focus on creativity, not technicality. After all, this is why we built RacontR in the first place!

Approximate learning curve :

  • Designer : 1 day
  • Other : from 2 to 3 days

What is the next step?

You can fill out our contact form on the right if you want more information on our pricing plans or if you wish to schedule a demo or a meeting.

Your team’s creativity deserves RacontR.