Since 2012, RacontR is changing bit by bit the way we approach interactive storytelling and web interface design with a dash of creativity and without a single line of code.

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RacontR comes from a simple idea. The idea that everyone should be able to freely create digital content without being limited by the Code barrier. As a team, we’re united, but as individuals, we are very diverse and we love that.

We come from different creative backgrounds, from graphic design to journalism, and these different DNAs are remixed into RacontR to make it better. Driven by an infinite curiosity for very various fields including storytelling, development, design, communication and User Experience, we’re proud to say that’s what makes us different.

We understand the complexity of the creative process, because we experimented every steps of it. This is what makes Racontr unique, our dedication, our passion for the craft, the sincerity we have with everything we’re dealing with.


November 2012

Gregoire Sierra

Julien Hasenfratz & Guilhem Thebault

146 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris (France)


RacontR was created by Gregoire Sierra, Julien Hasenfratz and Guilhem Thebault back in 2011. The first version of the editor already offered the ability to design interactive content the most simple way, without a line of code.

In 2014, after 3 years of development, we launched a collaborative platform to create, edit and publish interactive content and gather our users, with the objective to encourage and democratize the design of new interactive formats.

Our goal was to breathe new life to journalism by encouraging digital storytelling project development. At the beginning of this adventure, we aimed our Editor to journalist and large media outlets, but along the way, the user base grown and went far beyond our expectations including graphic designers, interactive directors and much more creatives. We were also adopted by many institutions and organisations as well as schools and NGOs.

We’ve seen many projects being crafted from scratch by passionate content creators, they all had this common characteristic: they tried to bring awareness, share and illustrate great stories in a fun and interesting way.

From Djehouti to our brand new RacontR editor.
(left: Racontr 2016, right: Djehouti 2011)
2016 Racontr.com



Grégoire Sierra

CEO & Co-Founder
The man behind the idea.
Originally an art director, he quickly starts messing around with code.

Julien Hasenfratz

UX Designer & Co-Founder
The multimedia Swiss Knife.
Passionate about interactive content since its Amstrad 464.



Guilhem Thebault

Artistic Director & Co-Founder
The image addict.
Specialized in visual identity, illustration and animation.



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