Enedis (formely called ERDF) has the largest fleet of vehicles in France.

Despite its easily recognizable presence throughout the territory, the fleet of vehicles and its various fields of intervention are not clearly identified or understood. What are they doing ? How do they operate ? Who do they operate for ?

In other words, on this project Enedis’ main concern was brand awareness when most often the brand’s communication remains focused on crisis communication  (accident, bad weather, network dysfunction…).

The project allows for better identification of each vehicle and a clearer understanding of their function. Enedis uses this focus on their fleet to create an opportunity for deeper brand awareness through all related activities.

Brand content


Brand awareness




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Visuel du projet RacontR Enedis


To meet this need for brand recognition, RacontR chose to illustrate the vehicles and activities of Enedis with a fun and interactive animation.

The project highlights their vehicle categories and the geographical context (urban, countryside) as well as specific areas of action for each vehicle through illustrations and pop-ins.

Designed to be both accessible and educational, the animation allows any user to learn about vehicles (via data sheets and areas of intervention) and their associated field of action. Thanks to many interaction points and information delivered in the form of pop-ins created by RacontR, the project reaches a very high engagement rate with an average time on page of more than 6 minutes.

Average time on page :

6 min 06 seconds

Unique visits on page :

8000 visits over 1 month

Most researched vehicle :

Camion de recherche (2597 visits)

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A project designed for 360° communication

With a 360° interactive communication approach, this interactive experience was conceived and designed by RacontR to create engagement on Enedis’ corporate website in order to address all of their stakeholders, and spark off user’s engagement and micro-sharing on social networks.

With a diversified internal communication for each of their departments (HR communication, corporate communication…), engagement rates skyrocketed on the Enedis corporate website.

Externally, the creation of a dedicated URL for each vehicle offered Enedis the opportunity to communicate at key moments on their news updates.

–> An informational communication on Twitter:


Communication and presentation of each vehicle and their use depending on the weather.

♥ 38 + 27 retweets for “camion de recherche de défaut”

Example :  During storms, the four-wheel drive vehicle is used to assist impacted customers.

–> Event communication on Facebook:


The Mondial Paris Motor Show was an opportunity for Enedis to show their blue vehicles to a large audience.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "icone j'aime facebook"  50 + 15 shares

Example :  A declination in 2 landscapes (city/countryside) displays the variety of activities based on location.