Build and animate your project to create different levels of reading and captivate your audience!


Use the simplicity of
a scroll navigation
to animate your various media.

Interactive videos

Create a movie and give the opportunity to interact at times to get more information about a scene.

Interactive illustrations

Create attractive figures, diagrams and data of all kinds, giving them interactivity.

Serious game

Engage your audience and get them to discover and become concerned!


Quickly create your portfolios, presentations or websites showcases with easy integration.

Serious game / Game

Edouard the fox

This project with very cute animals was entirely designed by Guilhem, artistic director of the RacontR team, from graphic design to integration.

It was conceived as a small interactive game for kids.

Moneyocracy in the heart of the American political financing

Money is, more than ever, the sinews of war of the US campaign.

Dive into this serious game investigation by in the heart of the US campaign finance system.


Grozny 9 cities

Directed by the Chewbahat’s team, dive into the Caucasus and its conflicts, fears and hopes, in an audiovisual and very immersive narrative experience.
This web documentary won first price at Bayeux Calvados Award in the category Web journalism in October 2014.

This event honors since many years journalists who ply their trade at the peril of their lives to relay information.

Rwanda, portraits of change

In the spring of 1994, between 800 000 and one million Tutsis but also moderate Hutus were slaughtered in just three months.

Twenty years later, perpetrators and victims of yesterday have become neighbors today.

This I-Docs directed by RFI shows how the inhabitants of a small village have learned to live together and the challenges they face.

Long forms

Central African Republic: energized legionnaires


For three weeks, the photographer Edward Elias shared the life of men of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (REI) on the ground deployed in CAR since July.

More than just a story, these videos will show you in what context the photographer worked. A brand new interactive format writing by Europe 1.

Passport for adventure


They seek the thrill, to break records, to prove to the world that nothing is impossible, advance scientific research or simply to live differently.

This long form proposes to go to meet them so they tell us about their exploits.

A project by France Bleu.

Interactive videos

Annual activity Report of the INA

On creation of the agency Textuel La Mine, we realized on RacontR the integration of the annual activity report of the INA.

An example of corporate opportunities around interactivity and video.

La marche d’après

First Camera Prize winner of the Capa agency.

A web documentary in the form of interactive videos to query the legacy of the North African march, 30 years later.

Interactive illustrations

Heaulme, portrait of a murderer


France Info offers a portrait of the man nicknamed “the backpacker Crime”, in partnership with La Revue Dessinée.

Discover his childhood, his wandering, and his psychological profile, among others, in an unpublished size : an interactive comic, under the pen of the designer Cyrille Pomès

Government railway reform


The third reform in the history of the French rail is running. Through this, the government intends to improve the quality of public service and to create a model that will guarantee its sustainability and competitiveness in Europe.

A form of interactive illustration project carried out by our team.


Somos nosotros

5 poignant portraits of youth in Buenos Aires.

Between hope and anxiety, this exciting documentary content is simply structured and very efficiently and looks like a tiny website.

Traveling halfway around the world from your computer!

Chocolat, my love

The power of words has a story : they come out of our mouth to regale us tales and legends from around the world, little stories as sensitive as funny that form the memory of gourmands and gourmets.

Christmas, New Year, before the good resolutions together dégustons the France Bleu project devoted to chocolate, treat yourself.


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